Art and cultural heritage

We create digital fingerprints of works of art for authentication, certification and conservation status.

The art and cultural heritage market is in constant need of conservation, restoration, risk assessment, monitoring, insurance and certificate of authenticity services, in which the non-invasive and non-destructive characteristics of NIR technology make it especially attractive for the sector.

LignoBasque provides unbiased information, analysis and scientific diagnosis for museums, local authorities and research institutions, auction houses and insurance companies, art transport and storage companies and private collectors.

Advantages and benefits of NIR technology



Fast and accurate results

More parameters in less time

Non-destructive - Non-invasive

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Application list

  • Identification of substances used and material composition (pigments, waxes, varnishes)

  • Recognition of the restoration interventions and identification of hidden layers under the superficial pictorial works

  • Evaluation of archaeological wooden artifacts

  • Estate of conservation

  • Study of the surface of the work of art, micro and macro details and appearance of the surface

  • Monitoring chemical change

  • Fast-tracking of degradation processes

  • Exposure to changing environments (storage, transportation, etc.)

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