What we offer?

LignoBasque offers innovative, fully customizable, fast and easy-to-use technology that helps improve and reduce the cost of quality control systems.

Our solutions allow you to have greater control of specific parameters in products and processes, helping you to easily classify and quantify materials.

We work on the development of portable on-site inspection and measurement systems, using optical technologies (infrared and visible spectroscopy) to which we apply advanced data processing algorithmic and computer techniques.


Tell us about your needs and/or bottlenecks in your company/process/product/material and LignoBasque will help you find an adapted solution.

Design and planning

We study your problem, prepare a project proposal and discuss the objectives and scope to meet the client's needs.

Validation and execution

The integral solution agreed for the client begins to be developed. Continuous monitoring and evaluation are important at this stage to ensure project progress and delivery times. LignoBasque considers communication a fundamental element in the development of comprehensive personalized solutions. For LignoBasque, the customer is the centre of everything we do, and our goal is their satisfaction.


The closing of the project includes the start-up of the developed solution, as well as the demonstration to the client and training for its implementation.


Data storage, maintenance service and regular updates.

Advantages and disadvantages of our technology

Compared to conventional laboratory analysis, NIR technology provides considerable advantages in quality control applications.


Analyze what you want where you want. Portable NIR-Vis technology enables quick and easy on-site and field measurements.


We design comprehensive tailored solutions to meet the needs of the sector.

Fast and accurate results

Improve process efficiency and product safety by reducing monitoring costs and operational delays with instant measurement results. 

More parameters in less time

In a matter of seconds, obtain reliable results for as many parameters as you need whithout sampling.

Non-destructive - Non-invasive

Analyze without damaging or causing any effect on the evaluated product.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

It does not require reagents so no waste is generated.

¿Do you need advice?

Contact us to discuss the details of you application or to request a feasibility study.


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