Forestry sector

Guarantees the origin of the timber and its traceability

The forestry sector is an expanding industry that offers the opportunity to replace products of fossil origin with products with a lower carbon footprint. There is a growing interest in forest management and chain of custody certifications, driven by access to new markets, better brand image, regulatory compliance, better product quality or ethical aspects of sustainable management.

Logistics operations and their guarantee of traceability are a point of weakness for companies in the sector because once the wood has been extracted and loaded, only experts can differentiate one species from another, while its origin can only be established with complex laboratory analyses.

2 big challenges

This implies two major challenges: counterfeiting and illegal logging, which cannot be solved with currently available solutions and lead to sanctions, complaints, a bad image or even the immediate suspension of the authorization to market.

NIR technology is useful at various intervention points along the forest value chain, providing an easy and affordable way to ensure traceability and reduce illegal logging. LignoBasque offers a fast and reliable solution both for producers (pre-delivery controls) and for customers (reception control) and authorities in their control function (certifying bodies).

Advantages and benefits of NIR technology



Fast and accurate results

More parameters in less time

Non-destructive - Non-invasive

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Application list

  • In-situ identification and classification of origin, species and quality of the wood 

  • Chain of custody (CoC) and traceability

  • Non-destructive chemical analyzes (moisture, cellulose, lignin, sugars, ashes, etc.)

  • Tool for forest management and forest health control

  • Classification
  • Identification
  • Prediction
  • Monitoring
  • Databases

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