Wood processing industry and derivatives

We avoid time-consuming and destructive analyses and reduce downtime

The demand and world trade of the main products and materials derived from the second transformation of wood has experienced a significant increase in recent years. This market also includes the pulp and paper industry, which is one of the strongest forest derivative industries in the world.

Quality control is a strategic factor in the competitiveness of companies since it allows improving internal processes that translate into cost reduction and a greater possibility of permanence in the market. In addition, the market for products derived from wood is increasingly demanding in terms of compliance with standards and characteristics that demonstrate the quality of the materials.

Currently, the quality control of these products is very limited due to the enormous complexity of wood as a material due to its variability and heterogeneity.

NIR technology is a fast and non-destructive technique that can analyze multiple components simultaneously and be used for online monitoring. Also, it can be used in the pulp and paper industry at many critical points for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the chemical composition of raw material, pulp and final product.

Advantages and benefits of NIR technology



Fast and accurate results

More parameters in less time

Non-destructive - Non-invasive

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Application list

Rapid analytical solutions for quality control of:

  • In-situ identification and classification of origin, species and quality of the wood

  • Chain of custody (CoC) and traceability

  • Non-destructive chemical analyzes (moisture, cellulose, lignin, sugars, ashes, etc.)

  • Tool for forest management and forest health control

  • Classification
  • Identification
  • Prediction
  • Monitoring
  • Databases

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